• After connecting the power supply, enter the automatic cycle mode.LED cycle: red green blue - blue - green - red - green blue - red blue - red green - cycle.LASER cycle: red green - green - red - cycle.
  • Button LED MODE: Controls the three-color LED color light switch and mode, each time you press the switch mode.Change the status in order: Auto-Red-Green-Blue-Red-Green-Red-Blue-Green-Blue-Tri-Color Red Green-Blue-Off-Auto.
  • The button LASER OF/ON controls the three-color laser point switch and mode, and each time the mode is switched.Change the status in order: Auto-Red-Green-Red-Green-Off-Auto.
  • The device is turned off when the button LED and LASER are both off.
  • Press and hold LEDMODE for more than 3 seconds and then release the added device, it will flash all the time, and the addition will stop flashing. If the Bluetooth RGLED laser light is not scanned (it will stop flashing after 3 minutes), you can repeat the operation.